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This morning brought good news for our country… I shouldn’t┬ánecessarily┬ásay “good”, maybe “uplifting” would be more fitting. The February Jobs Report shows signs that we are beginning to turn around the job market, and in turn, the economy. The market continued to rise today following the release of the employment report.

Even though unemployment applications raised about 2%, it has fallen 14% since October. We need to know that this isn’t an issue that should be looked at in terms of short-term remedies, but rather in long-term results. This job report was uplifting.

Pretty much every indicator that we look for in terms of economic recovery and job strength was up in this report. We added over 200,000 jobs for three-months straight (and have had improvement for over a year), which is a sign of growth. Yes, the unemployment rate was left unchanged at a hair over 8% but it shows promise.

We’re not out of the dark yet, and still have a long way to go and our U6 unemployment (broad unemployment) is still very high but we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m optimistic for the future and happy to see we are continuously improving.

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